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Ville Du Mort - Arthur Penman by kiako Ville Du Mort - Arthur Penman :iconkiako:kiako 5 6 Ville Du Mort - Siu, Jing Wei by kiako Ville Du Mort - Siu, Jing Wei :iconkiako:kiako 5 4 Ville Du Mort - Audrey Willows by kiako Ville Du Mort - Audrey Willows :iconkiako:kiako 7 11 .SybalHeim. Zephyrus by kiako .SybalHeim. Zephyrus :iconkiako:kiako 5 12
A-gent RP LOG: Living with It
202: When she got the message from 005, she sighed. Usually when she went to the med bay, it was to visit 095 to either help shave him down, or to get something to eat or drop food off so usually, she'd be pretty happy going there. However she walked stiffly as she made her way and when she got to 005's office, she took a deep breath, and then she knocked.
005: The medic leader sent the message to the engineer, wanting to speak to her before she relayed the concerns to 002. She had situated herself at her desk, idly going through paperwork before the knock came. "Enter." she called out, raising her head as she organized the charts briefly and placed them aside. Once the door frosted air seemed to roll out into the contrasting warmth. The lighting itself was more reminiscent of a room to view xray films, cast in a blueish hue. "My gratitude for coming promptly, Agent 202. Please. have a seat." She gestured towards the seat before her desk.
202: She went in to take a seat, looking anxiou
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Agent log: Little Thief
A rather short red-headed girl was hanging around outside of the particular coffee house that 218 had entered into, her hands tucked into the pockets of her denim jacket. She was dressed in a somewhat Punk look. As she rocked forward on her heels she leaned away from the wall to eye the people leaving the shop, looking for someone that looked easy to pick off.
243: Having decided to go back to his place to take a break from HQ for once, he had a casual outfit on and he was walking past the coffee shop before he peered inside, seeing 218. Somehow managing to see the tiny, smol Specialist. He cleared his throat, letting out a soft sigh and he went to stroll in to say hi. But... Well I can't butt in line that's rude. ..... Maybe he'd go give a light tap. Bastien went inside and he did just side, coming up
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A-GENTS ENEMY: CHARLIE by kiako A-GENTS ENEMY: CHARLIE :iconkiako:kiako 5 8 AGENTS SS for Dreaming-baka by kiako AGENTS SS for Dreaming-baka :iconkiako:kiako 9 7 AGENT 233- Bastien Lecuyer by kiako AGENT 233- Bastien Lecuyer :iconkiako:kiako 6 4 AGENTS Feral partner: Seymour by kiako AGENTS Feral partner: Seymour :iconkiako:kiako 3 2 AGENTS INVENTION: Imitation Armor by kiako AGENTS INVENTION: Imitation Armor :iconkiako:kiako 3 1 AGENTS Arthur VA Meme by kiako AGENTS Arthur VA Meme :iconkiako:kiako 3 3
RP Comfort meme
A valuable meme for any role-player!
Come display your comfort levels so your role-play partners are aware of what they can do, and of what they should avoid! A healthy relationship between role-play partners is the key to a good time!
While this meme shows the basics, please remember to communicate with your role-play partners!
 (I just wanna add a note here that when it comes to RP I'm pretty open about everything and I'm good with rolling with the punches, but if I ever start to do anything that is NOT OKAY WITH YOU AT ALL tell me RIGHT AWAY And I'll back off like it's a spider nest we're dealing with kay.)
Role Play Basics
I am comfortable doing:
Y - Comment (For little short ones, bigger RP's I like the others down below)
Y - Chats
Y - Notes
N - Forum (I'm really bad at remembering these)
Y - Skype
Y - Google Docs 
N - Other 
I am comfortable with:
Y - One on one role plays.
Y - Up to three people.
Y - Up to four people.
Y - Five
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AGENT 194- Arthur Penman by kiako AGENT 194- Arthur Penman :iconkiako:kiako 8 5
A-GENTS LOG: Explosive DANGER Test 02-158
162: heading over to the specialist bay, she had a piece of the material she was working on and she looked around to see who was available. she needed to see someone for help regarding impact gel, and as per suggestion of her Chief by god she was gonna try.
158: In the SpeTZ, The tall brunette was working on perfecting her fireworks. Just the right amount of black powder, barium and oxidizers and she'd have herself one hell of a show on her hands when she was done. She bit her pencil as she wrote down notes regarding the amounts of each she needed. Sighing and wondering if she needed to go through this much work for someone.
162: "hello?" she called, "anyone here that.... uh.... doesn't always blow stuff up?" well, good first impression to specialists Fen.
158: Hearing a voice echo through the bay, she lifted her head and looked about. Guess fireworks had to wait. She stood up and walked to the entrance, looking to the the shorter woman with a raised brow. She rubbed the back of her ne
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A-GENTS Log: Starting out
192: Goes to ask to borrow a tool from 172 but isn't sure if his ability is on or not, “.....” Just waits patiently for him to notice her.
172: Is playing around with various designs for something that appears to be a sort of coated fabric - all holographic of course - and doesn't seem to notice her for several minutes despite the patient waiting. He did realise that she was there then and turned his head to raise his eyebrows at 192 questioningly. “ ...?”
192: At one point while she waited she began to stare at his holograms and leaned in to look at them, making mental notes before leaning back again. "Can I borrow the laser sauter?" She asked when he finally noticed her. She'd gotten used to how quiet 172 was and she knew better then to run up and smack him like she would anyone else, "the one on the left looks like it has a better weave to it."
172: Might have been the leaning that had alerted him to her presence in the first place then haha. The engineer loo
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Random Favourites

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  • Watching: Kobuyashi's Dragon Maid
  • Playing: Overwatch
  • Eating: Rice
  • Drinking: Tea


:iconville-du-mort: (though really just anything to do with my babies and yours have fun)

  1. Audrey, Amadeus and Nichita having a lovely Christmas dinner.

  2. Artist interpretation of what Jeeves looks like. (Arthur Penman’s butler)

  3. Alma flirting with Audrey (Audrey eternally confused)

  4. Arthur ruining someone’s day. (Usually Bane’s)

:iconthe-a-gents: (Really though do whatever you want with them lol)

  1. 243 and dinner/christmas baking

  2. 182 doing something warm and festive with or without people (You can insert your character or one of her friends)

  3. 194 ruining someone’s day.

  4. CHARLIE being a sneaky butt

Ville Du Mort - Arthur Penman

Name: Arthur Penman

Race: Vampire

Age: 200

Occupation: aristocrat, art collector, totally not a vampire.

Nationality: English

Alliance: humanity

Height: 6’2

Weight: 162 lbs

Eye Color: brown

Hair Color: black

Blood Type: O-

Gift: Name Ability: King’s Court

 How does it work?: User has a guardian KNIGHT that protects the user and can manifest itself on the physical plane to do so. The user uses their mind to be able to manifest the construction of the KNIGHT into reality so it can act as as his guardian.



The KNIGHT Is also capable of an ability where it will manifest into a full suit of armor and engulfs the user, fusing and becoming one. The KNIGHT’s appearance changes to suit the user and for 5 minutes (5 turns) it becomes an unstoppable force, clad with a great sword. Once the 5 minutes are up, the USER cannot summon the KNIGHT For the rest of the encounter. This is the user’s trump card in battle and they will only use it to turn the tides in GREAT NEED. 

  • Vampire perks active during EXCALIBUR Mode

  • +3 to all strength and defense rolls 

  • - 3 to all speed rolls 



  • Unless user consciously thinks to give the KNIGHT a visible form, not many people can see it! Telepaths and anyone with psychic abilities and animals can see the KNIGHT has hovering behind him as he walks around.

  • Makes doing multiple tasks much easier as the user can work on one thing, while the knight handles a separate task. This is something the user does frequently and the KNIGHT is more of an extension of the user.

  • The knight’s physical strength and speed depends on how alert and rested the mind is.

  • The user can see through the KNIGHT’S “eyes” when it’s not in a physical form.


Cons and Weaknesses:

  • Without a sound mind the Knight cannot keep a proper form. If the user is experiencing bloodlust/fails a humanity check then his control on the KNIGHT slips and it will become deformed or wild without control.

  • If the user is sick and cannot focus he cannot control the knight. Any time his mind is in turmoil it affects the knights form and it may not always act as expected. (Warning: the KNIGHT has attacked the user before due to user’s state of mind.)

  • If the KNIGHT takes damage in its physical form, then the user can feel the damage done to it. This makes it so the KNIGHT will not waver in attacks, but it causes the user to carry the damage with them.

  • The KNIGHT when in use, cannot use the perks of other races (CANNOT USE VAMPIRE PERKS) However, they KNIGHT is still able to use neutral perks.

Weapon: The KNIGHT, his dashing good looks, not fighting in the first place. (He can use swords but why bother) 



• +4 buff to all speed rolls

• +2 buff to all strength rolls

• Ability to drink blood

• Ability to see in the dark

• Body does not age

• Body does not need sleep

• Ability to Sire other Vampires

• Can regenerate from almost any injury at 99% speed after drinking fresh blood

• -4 Debuff against to all Holy weapons ( crosses, holy water )

• -3 Debuff against fire

• Weak to sunlight

• Weak to holy artifacts

• Cannot move if head is decapitated

• Will die if body is completely destroyed

Old Blood

Vampires with this perk gain a boost based on their years of experience

• +1 Buff to all rolls per 100 years of Vampires Age ( max +3 )

• Additional -1 Debuff against All Holy Weapons per 100 years of Vampires Age ( max -3 )


Characters with this perk are empowered by their desire to save others

• +2 Buff to all actions trying to Protect another Character

Perfectly Mundane (non-human exclusive)

Characters with this perk can arouse less suspicion from those with a keen sense for the paranormal and supernatural.

• Negates the Paranormal Awareness perk.

• Even their scent is harder to link to their own species for any variety of reasons (perfume, close other-species interaction, and other intrusive smells).

Note:While Arthur himself has the PM Perk, the Paranormal Awareness perk can still be used to sense the KNIGHT itself. So while Arthur may not be discovered as non-human, the KNIGHT can be seen with a successful PA roll. 

Personality: Eccentric, over confident, Moody, Well mannered, Intelligent/curious, Good humored, generous


Arthur would not have survived had it not been for the fact he was born into an aristocratic family. His father, a Viscount, was a collector of sorts, travelling the world to bring strange and foreign artifacts for his collection.  The Penman family had always collected works of art or odd things. Arthur’s mother was part of the collection herself, an asian woman whose beauty and unique face captivated his father, not that she minded. Arthur was born frail and sickly, always ill and very susceptible to illness.

Many hoped to wed their daughters to him, his delicate constitution perfect for inheriting the amazing fortune the Penman’s had. However some unknown force would chase any prospects away, or they would find themselves thrown out of his room when they would intrude to try and seduce him.

Arthur wouldn’t have lived as long as he did, to the age of 33, had it not been for his comfortable life. However that would come to an end, as one day he grew deathly ill and the bed he lived in for most of his life, would be his deathbed. His short time in this world let him meet two people who became his closest friends, Horace, the man who maintained their collection and library, and Ana, the woman who tended to the gardens and to his mother. The only two in the world who had no interest in his wealth or his status and were the one to bring true joy into his life. He watched them be wed in his room so he could attend the ceremony, and decided there that this wasn’t such a bad way to die.

What was a bad way to die, was when someone had broken into his room to ransack his desk and personal belongings.

“Where is it? Where is the will?!” they would shout at him, throwing him from his bed and trying to force his seal onto documents. The intruder was then brutally evicted from his room, shattering his window as he was hurled out from the third floor of his estate and his family and friends burst into his room to see a large suit of mystical armor looming over Arthur, picking his body up off the floor to lay him to rest. In an act of desperation, Arthur’s mother had a vial she had taken from his father’s collection. It was filled with blood: Vampire blood. Old lores in the books they collected told how the blood could magically heal wounds and it only took a taste. His mother urged him to drink it all, praying to save his life.

Arthur Penman died an hour later, survived by his loving mother and father, and his dear friends Horace and Ana.

They did not even have a chance to bury him, as he felt himself awaken, gasping for air hunched over in the bed he died in. A maid nearby shrieked and ran out of the room, screaming to the house the young master was possessed. When Horace and Ana ran in, he discovered he had been dead for a week.

Reborn without the shackles of his previous weak body, Arthur had never felt so alive. While his skin had no warmth and his heart no longer beat, he felt he could smile and galavant as he never could even as a child. (He bedded a ton of people cause now he could do it without breaking into horrible sweats.) Horace and Ana handed him back his will, now that he was alive, it would have been null and void. Arthur reasons he still technically died, and he left all that he ever owned to Horace and Ana.

Long since has he seen his friends and family, having outlived them and watched them grow old and live.

At this present time, he is a Viscount of his own estate and following in his father's footsteps, is still a collector of fine art and all things foreign and odd, including children. (He adopts orphans and street rats he finds to be able to give them a chance at life, and has hired a governess to teach them.)  





Actually he just likes eating food even though it doesn’t do anything for him.


Fruit jam




More Tea

More crumpets


“What’s your favorite blood type?”





Being under the sun (Even when he wasn’t a vampire)

Letting himself get hungry



Ville du mort (c) :iconmiha-hime:

*sweats whenever someone asks to see her artwork and it's all character apps*
Ville Du Mort - Siu, Jing Wei

Name: Siu, Jing Wei

Race: Human

Age: 33 (Looks younger cause asian genes yo)

Occupation: Acrobat/entertainer

Nationality: Chinese

Alliance: none

Height: 5’2”

Weight: 115 lbs

Eye Color: brown

Hair Color: brown with white streak (poliosis)

Blood Type: O-

四象 (Four Constellations) 

User has the ability to control gravity surrounding their body to control the orientation of their position. It allows user to be able to move on any surface (ie, walls, ceilings, signs...) as if they were moving normally on the ground.


  • User can travel with ease freely across any surface as if they were on the ground.

  • Anything and anyone within a 20 ft radius of user can also be affected by the ability. User can choose how far the radius reaches but not what is affected within it.

  • User can jump from surface to surface easily as they can change their gravitation orientation at any time so long as they touch a solid surface first. (That being said they can stop the shift of gravity for it to return to normal but things such as inertia and force still apply)


  • User can only travel from surface to surface. They cannot shift gravity towards thin air such as upwards into the sky unless there was somewhere for them to land.

  • Limited distance when jumping from surface to surface. As user would usually orient the surface as the ground to jump towards, user must make judgement call to make sure distance equals a “fall” that they won’t break their limbs from.

  • User must be physically and mentally capable of handling changes in gravity as well as plan/execute jumps and landings without injury. Passengers caught in user radius, unless trained to be able to keep their bearings or notified by user which direction is currently “up” or "down" may be hurt or experience vertigo or motion sickness. If a “jump” is too far the user could injure themselves as well. (40 ft is the max distance they can “fall” safely, however any more than that and they risk the chance of seriously injuring themselves.)

Weapon: martial arts, bo staff, spears, swords, daggers, chairs, anything she can get her hands on.


Not going down Easy

Characters with this perk grow stronger in the face of adversity
• +3 Buff to Attacks when Severely Wounded


Characters with this perk are more talented at hand to hand combat
• +2 Buff to Punching and Unarmed Attacks.

One Step Ahead

Characters with this perk are naturally more agile and nimble
• +2 Buff to Dodging oncoming Attacks


Characters with this perk are especially handy with blunt weapons
• +2 Buff to Attacks using Blunt Weapons, i.e clubs/bats/hammers

Personality: Animated | Independent | Logical | Mischievous | Resourceful | Extreme | Creative | Dependable | Patient | Honest | Vindictive | Fearless


Having grown up on the streets of Hong Kong, Siu Jing Wei, was born into a poor family that just managed to get by. She had an older brother who had left the family early to live with friends to make it easier on their parents.

One day her parents took her to a house where her mom and dad set her down on the step. A nice, lady was there waiting her for as her mother kept smoothing her hair down, telling her to be a good girl before her father dragged her away. Siu sat on the step, waiting for them. Even when the nice lady took her inside to eat dinner Siu stared out the window for days before realizing, her mama and baba weren't coming back for her.

Feeling distressed and unable to imagine being abandoned, she tried to run back home. Maybe it was her fault, maybe she should've been a better daughter, all these things racing through her mind as she raced through the twisting streets. When she was crossing the river to the next district of town, the bridge was full so she went into the water instead. Siu did not know how to swim, desperation fueling her to try and dog paddle to the other side until she was swept under the water.

She was going to drown.

Suddenly something yanked her out for a brief gasp of air before she was dunked back in, then heaved out and quite literally tossed onto shore. As she coughed and tried to catch her breath, feeling something warm wrap around her. It had been years but she recognized her savior right away. It was her big brother, having pulled her from the water with another group of men who were on the shore. It wasn't long till after this scare her brother talked with the family and took Siu back to live with him, telling her their parents having disappeared from their old home, never to be found again.

For the time being, she lived with her brother and his friends in a small house, working various jobs with them. Helping with the restaurant that some of them ran, helping with cleaning, and of course, learning the ropes to become a part of their theater troupe. Her brother and the troupe wanted to train her as an acrobat because of her small size and light weight, and she learned many things from spinning plates to being tossed across the sky. Safe to say there were many trust exercises. The longer they trained, the more her gift developed and the troupe remade parts of their routine to incorporate it, thinking it was fortunate and lucky to make their troupe stand out from the rest.  

It turns out, it did. The name of the troupe spread throughout Hong Kong and even China, making them a well known and well sought out troupe to entertain many across the lands. That included the military, that wanted them to perform solely for the generals and their families. While this at first was great for the troupe, they soon found themselves constricted and instead of being able to go as they pleased they were punished for performing for anyone else. Siu’s brother and the rest of the troupe decided to run away to a boat heading to Britain with help from one of their contacts, where they could start a new life away from this, and they waited for the day they could leave.

When the day came, the plan was almost a success had the generals not been waiting for them at the docks. The troupe scattered, most of them able to escape to the boat however, Siu and her brother along with a few stragglers had been cornered. Siu’s brother urged the troupe to take Siu away and he ran to distract the soldiers.

“I’ll sing for you, so you won’t be so afraid.” He told Siu before they parted.

As they ran to the boat that was departing Siu heard her brother singing loudly the entire time, and as she heard him sing louder, a gunshot stopped the song. Her gift in her despair nearly capsized the boat and she was held by the troupe members that escaped with her.

They landed safely and managed to find their own places to live, the troupe tried to try performing again, however many of them had lost the heart to with the lose of those at the harbour, Siu included. This lead to her wandering around the streets alone, and a lot of the time, she would either be attacked or someone would try and whisk her away. It was why she wandered out, was to fight whomever she could find to release all the anger she had kept inside from the journey. The members of her troupe trained her in martial arts to bring her inner peace, but she found this to be a much more satisfying use. It continued like this for some time until she took a fight too far, being beaten into the ground until she couldn’t think anymore.

That is when she met Lucas.

She’d awoken in a room that wasn’t familiar to her, treated for her wounds by a kind man from America. Siu distrusted him immensely at first, even though he would offer to mend her wounds and help her she refused it until she began to slowly return to his home. He would find her having broken into his home either through the window or some other crevice in his house, but she was always welcome. He would share meals with her, and read to her even when she didn’t understand what he was saying. Eventually, he taught her how to read and speak English. He taught her kindness, forgiveness and patience, and over the years the two learned to trust and fall in love with one another. It slowly healed her to perform again with the troupe, to do as they dreamt back home.

Life had leveled out for them, the troupe began to pick up popularity, Siu had found happiness with Lucas, it was almost too good to be true.

It was too good to be true.

Lucas was found murdered, a simple robbery having gone awry with Siu catching a glimpse of the thief leaving through the window. Despite the lessons of forgiveness and love she had her entire being screamed vengeance.

And she got it, after tracking the man down she found him in the alleyway, another man with ghastly scars and patchworks of skin hovering over him and tearing his organs out to tuck away into a doctor's bag. The older gentleman saw Siu watching him, but seeing her not make any more to stop him he simply put his bloody fingers to his lips.


The man wasn’t human by any means, but what did that matter when the monster in her life was being harvested alive?

With her revenge carried out, Siu buried her love and slowly began to carry on with supporting her troupe. With age she had grown to be their guardian, protector, and the star of the show as her gift was the one that made their impossible feats, possible.


 - Coffee (She’s only have it once but she really likes the smell and taste)

- Tea (Anything will do)

- Creamy food (Or just food, she can eat a lot for a tiny person)

- Animals (She has this problem with wanting to keep strays)

- Stories and books

- Learning new words

- Thrift shops

-Thrills and adrenaline rushes


 - Hospitals (She'd sooner cauterize her own wounds then go to a hospital. If she's in one, most likely she'll attempt escape.)

- Getting lost (She has a bad sense of direction)

- Deep water (She can’t swim very well)

- Food going to waste

- Threats against any under her protection

- Guns


- Her hands for some time have had no feeling in them. 
- Rice is life 
- Has a small ring she has stowed away in a little treasure box
- Her English needs work but she's good at sounding at words that she reads. 
- She learns how to speak by mimicing people. (She knows alot of bad words!!)
- She can't swim
- She's got asthma 8'D

Siu's troupe ARE AVAILABLE TO HIRE AND ENTERTAINMENT!! If a performance would be like to be requested, simply go to the temple beside the river and Siu will see what she can do for you~


Ville Du Mort - Audrey Willows

Name: Audrey Willows

Race: Human

Age: 26

Occupation: Governess

Nationality: Irish/japanese

Alliance: Venatores

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 120 lbs

Eye Color: Dark blue/milky

Hair Color: Blonde

Blood Type: AB-

Gift: Queen of blades

The user can summon an arsenal of weapons in a crystallized form from thin air to aid them in battle. This is something passed down by bloodline. (It is possible for the gift to be shared by ingesting the blood but only temporarily. Anyone who drinks the user's blood will need to succeed a 1d10 roll of 8 or greater.) 


  • Always has a weapon on hand

  • Variety is key, user can hold a various arsenal of different weapons from daggers to Crossbows, depending on what the user is trained in. (Or if the user has used something as a weapon)

  • Hard to see as they appear to be made of glass or crystal.

  • Can summon more than one weapon at once and can dismiss them as needed.

  • Weapons the user summons do not hurt the user.


  • Has to have trained with the actual weapon before user can summon it. If user has not handled the weapon before then they can summon it but it will shatter upon single use.

  • The level of mastery determines the sturdiness for each weapon. Only mastered weapons can withstand battle like the real thing. (Not to say the single use weapon wouldn’t do damage is used correctly)

  • Can only be hand held weapons, so don't expect canons or anything explosive like that.

  • No firearms. A cross bow is exception since it doesn't need gunpowder to work. 

  • When she summons them they can be summoned into any position or formation, however they can not move freely on their own. 

Weapon: Rapier, broad sword, daggers, crossbow... List goes on. (However she only has proficiency is some weapons. Any type of sword or dagger she has full control over. Anything else she is still training in)


Sword Artistry -
+2 Buff to Attacks using Swords and Rapiers
Guardian -
+2 Buff to all actions trying to Protect another Character
Paranormal Awareness -
Can roll a 1d10 for Awareness, if 6 or greater they can sense if someone else is not human
Experienced Hunter - +2 Buff to all rolls when fighting against either Vampires or Werewolves


+ Soft hearted
+ Earnest
+ Just
+ Bashful
+ Nurturing

- Prideful
- Impulsive
- Jealous
- Stubborn
- Guarded


Born into a middle class family, Audrey was child to a doting father who would work late at night, and a japanese mother who was a weaver at the time. Sometimes when her father came home, he would be covered in blood or scratches, all which she was never allowed to see the state he was in, but would peek through cracked doors and holes in the wall as her mother helped tend to his wounds. They never told her why, but would smile and keep reassuring her it was just a rough time at work. In truth, her father was part of a group of hunters in Ireland that would dispatch of anything that was less than human.

When she turned 7, her father had wanted to try and leave the hunt behind, let the new generation take over so he could spend time with his loving wife and beautiful daughter. He had been a dedicated and talented hunter, and while it wasn’t unheard of for people to leave the hunt it disappointed some. In this case, it was an overzealous young hunter, who had admired and wanted to hunt along wide the legend, and yet now his chance was gone.

Audrey’s father had been known that in the last years of the hunt, that he had spared one creature, a ghoul that he had crossed paths with. The tale was told and the young hunter had a wonderful idea: something to bring his hero back to make his dreams come true.

Audrey remembers her mother going to the door when the bell rang, and remembering hearing her screaming as she fought. Audrey was there, screaming, crying for father as she watched her mother fight for their lives. During the fight Audrey tried to get out of the way and in the end had been knocked around during the fight, remembering someone slamming her head into a cabinet before being knocked out. When she had woken up, she found her father hunched over her, holding her to him as he rocked her back and forth in another room.

Maxwell had come home to see his wife sliced open with surgical precision, brutally murdered with all signs leading to the ghoul he had spared. Audrey had been spared, but had lost most of the vision in her right eye. The feeling of grief and betrayal changed Maxwell, steeling him and he started to train Audrey to be a huntress from a young age. She too had to defend herself, moreso now that she had to learn to live with limited vision. He had joined the hunt, much to the joy of some of the other hunters, but he did not remain in Ireland. He took Audrey and left to London, where the Ghoul had told Maxwell he would be, much to the dismay of the overzealous hunter. He watched his hero leave, forbidden to follow. His hero had returned to the Hunt, just as he thought he would with the framing of the ghoul, but he would never see him again.

Audrey grew up using all manner of weapons, studying, learning how to track… Everything a young huntress would need to survive. Maxwell did not allow her outside, let alone on hunts alone until recently, now that he was sure she could handle herself alone.

He made sure to remind her of the most important lesson: Never trust anything less than human.

She is currently employed as a governess for the Penman family, a family of Aristocrats.


Fancy parties
Fictional books/stories


Boring conversation
Most vegetables actually (Potatoes being the exception)
Anything burning
Not being able to go where she wants to
Being told what to think


She's ambidextrous.
She's a fan of writings of Phillip Abrams and Eli Lost, and is an avid reader.
High tolerance to alcohol.
She's pretty bad at cooking. 

:iconville-du-mort: (c) :iconmiha-hime: ;u;~ 

  • Watching: Kobuyashi's Dragon Maid
  • Playing: Overwatch
  • Eating: Rice
  • Drinking: Tea


:iconville-du-mort: (though really just anything to do with my babies and yours have fun)

  1. Audrey, Amadeus and Nichita having a lovely Christmas dinner.

  2. Artist interpretation of what Jeeves looks like. (Arthur Penman’s butler)

  3. Alma flirting with Audrey (Audrey eternally confused)

  4. Arthur ruining someone’s day. (Usually Bane’s)

:iconthe-a-gents: (Really though do whatever you want with them lol)

  1. 243 and dinner/christmas baking

  2. 182 doing something warm and festive with or without people (You can insert your character or one of her friends)

  3. 194 ruining someone’s day.

  4. CHARLIE being a sneaky butt


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