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deviation in storage by qunariz


  • Watching: Shogeki no Soma
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  • Eating: Cheese
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Hey guys! So I know I haven't put up a journal in a while, but this is really important okay? 

Commission InformationI would like to note, as a disclaimer, that commissions may be delayed still as I work out my life.  I will be taking my time to sort things out, and nothing is set in stone currently.

-sketch- // -lines- // -Flats- //
Sketch $5 // Lines $10 // Flats $15 // Shaded $20
I rarely do these- Be warned :)
// // // //
Sketch $5 // Lines $10 // Flat shading $15 // Soft $20 // Simple Animation $30
**Disclaimer** Animated Minis will be in GIF format which only supports a limited palette. Too many colors will result in awkward dithering. Animations will be small, such as blinking, small moving bits, ect.

one of my friend is in a really rough spot, there's more deets about it on her journals but this person I've been worried about for some time. (Like she literally fell off the face of the earth for a bit) and what I was worried for seems to have happened. 

She's really talented and puts a lot of care into the art she makes, so if you're patient and you want to commission her, great! If not, please signal boost! 

Thanks you guys oAo~~ 


In other news, I've started a new job! 8'D And new groups. *Holds her babies. So many... babies..*
.SybalHeim. Amynta by kiako
.SybalHeim. Amynta

Name: Amynta

Nicknames: Amyn, Ammy,

Age: 452

Physical Age: 23-25

Height: 5’5

Hair: Custard blonde

Eyes: Green

Faction:  Disciple.

Amyn is thankful for being able to come to Sybal Heim, especially since the state she was in when the Traveller’s Forest was sent to her it was nothing short of a miracle. While she doesn’t want to delve into the politics of the world, she does keep a close eye on them and thinks back to her duties in her old time. She trusts the ministers to make the right decisions for the better of the people in Sybal Heim since she understands the burdens of handling such a large population but currently is furthering expanding her knowledge so that one day she can contribute.

Occupation: Overseer.

In Sybal Heim Amynta works in the Minister's Offices, ensuring with her brother that food, tools, resources and raw materials are transported and distributed properly throughout the city. Her brother speaks with the citizens and listens to them to see if there are any specific needs that aren't reaching the ears of the ministers. They also monitor any trades between other districts and ensure that everyone has all the equipment and staff they need to be able to keep things running smoothly, reporting directly to the Ministers. Living in Heilig now, Amynta and Zephyrus both report directly to Yul (And Amynta will chase Yul down to make sure things are approved in a timely manner). They were going to be there for eternity as far as they knew, and the twins wanted everyone to be comfortable.

Sybal Form: Luminescent Pinniped

While her twin’s sybal form is humanoid and like a bird, her’s is closer to a more aquatic animal form.

Covered in smooth, translucent skin she has an aquamarine bioluminescent glow that emanates from her core and outwards. From nose to tail she is 15 feet, and when standing on her front fins stands at 8, resembling a giant seal with tiny feet. Her back has soft, flat feather like spines with a soft jelly feel and has two prehensile antennae that can write and grab things for her that are very sensitive to touch.

However when provoked or angry the spines will raise up, stiffen and rattle together. The same goes for her mouth, which it doesn't appear she has one until it opens up and is lined with long, needle like teeth that can retract and extend from her “gums”. These are all warnings for attackers to stay away, or to warn others of nearby danger.

While she is more or less the same as a Sybal as she is a human, her Sybal form shows her much more playful side. She'll pounce around and roll in the grass, and dive head first into the river as she pleases, or just happily waddles around. She isn't particularly fast when she walks but if she launches herself with her fins she can leap small distances, though truly if she needed to get somewhere fast on land don't be surprised if you see her sausage rolling across the floor. 

Sybal Power: Auroric Aegis

A chemical reaction in her body makes her gel like body solidify into a hard gel that absorbs pressure and impacts. She can easily shift from her solid state back into her gel state, good for sudden impacts and quick defences.

The ability can last for 15 minutes with constant use when it’s activated, however when it does she can’t move very quickly, if at all because of the sudden gain of weight. She goes from her natural 116 lbs, to easily 10 times her weight to be heavy enough to withstand the blows. After her time is up she’d have to rest for a while before she could use it again and if her body sustains a heavy impact that hurts her body or breaches her shield, she would have to heal physically first before she could even try to use it again.

Projectiles and anything with piercing damage can break through her defences. Small points, needles and thin spikes and horns also would do damage to her. Sharp claws, teeth and talons could potentially pierce if they can get a grip on her but at most they would leave welts over her skin. She also does not deal will with extreme temperatures, so for instance you could hurl a giant boulder on fire at her, and she'd be able to withstand the impact but she'd still suffer burns. 

(The best way to imagine this is, is to look at those gel heat packs. When you click the disk it starts to harden and such and it's very much like this ability.)

Docile or Feral: Docile


+ Well Mannered

+ Nurturing/motherly

+ Brave

+ Intelligent

+ Timid

- Overprotective

- Anxious

- High strung

- Stubborn

- Rash

Raised as royalty, Amyn and her brother have both been taught proper mannerisms and behaviors since they were both very young. While Amyn is well bred and is both polite and sincere, she also doesn’t have any problems speaking her mind. If she disagrees with you, she will voice it but does so in a sensible manner. Now without the worry of keeping up appearances to others, she freely pursues anything that she is curious about, constantly thirsting for knowledge and is more genuine about her feelings and thoughts. Amyn is still getting used to this however, and sometimes when she feels she’s overstepped her boundaries or done something embarrassing, her face will burn with a blush every time she recalls it and she’ll fret and fidget anxiously to no end until she’s either forgiven or she is certain that people have forgotten her blunder and even then, she herself can’t let it go. Under her care, she is gentle and nurturing but can also be motherly and overprotective. While she dislikes confrontation Amyn isn't without a temper, and will stand for what she believes in.

History:… The full version with narration that isn't much shorter... 

Born in the Middles Ages of Denmark, Amynta and her twin brother Zephyrus were born into royalty. Growing up they were inseparable, even through their studies. When tutors would try and teach Amyn about sewing gowns and embroidering tapestries, and Zephyrus about treaties and dueling, the twins would simply trade clothes and trade places (And yes, Zephyrus was very okay with wearing a dress). This went on for years, even after they would be caught countless times until the time their father passed away, having been taken by the Black Death.

Zephyrus was to be crowned the next King of the throne, Amyn to be married off to a prince in Norway. Not having any interest in one person having so much power, Zephyrus, as newly appointed king, decreed that the ruling be between he and Amynta. This decision was kept quiet with very few knowing, and while Amynta would have accepted the marriage Zephyrus refused to give his blessing. 

For a time all was well, until in 1428 the twins announced to their people that the kingdom had in fact, been ruled by the two of them together. While most of them accepted it, there were others who began refusing to speak with Amyn about what they needed and demand audience with Zephyrus, some demanding proof of promise they were speaking to the correct twin. With the Kalmar Union dissolved, officials from both Sweden and Norway kept demanding to speak with Amyn’s brother, straining the work of both of the twins and it soon came to the point where Zephyrus lost his temper during an audience.

Zephyrus’ outburst sparked something in the kingdom. A year later in 1429, while Amynta was in the castle going over treaties, her wet nurse suddenly burst into her study. There was the glow of torches and the heavy sound of metal outside and when Amyn looked, she saw people were marching towards them.

It was a revolt.

Running to her brother’s room, a maid told Amynta that the rebellion in Sweden had carried into Denmark, the Swedes coming to dethrone King Eric. By the time Zephyrus had arrived Amyn had changed into his clothes, throwing a pair of hers to him. She wanted to distract them so he could run, and Zephyrus refused, instead wearing a similar outfit. Angry towns people and knights fought, some managing to make it deeper into the castle to set rooms on fire and steal what they could. A group found the room that the twins were hiding in, and just as the twins got ready to fight back the maids and servants in the room swarmed around them and began to throw themselves at the mob. A young servant boy ushered them into a servant's door, and Amyn could hear the screams of her maids as they were cut down.

The boy lead them out down the lower half of the castle and ran to the forest with them to escape. The twins saw townspeople and knights alike laying dead, some of the towns people having stood up to the others and were still fighting. However before they could could even make it to the edge an arrow pierced the servant boy and as he fell, Zephyrus And Amynta were ambushed from the trees. During the fight, Amynta cried out as an arrow struck her in the side and in a fit of rage Zephyrus stabbed the man trying to finish her, who was the baker he would visit every week and ran with Amynta.

As they ran Amyn would stumble and cry out, holding the arrow and hearing the shouts behind them. She told Zephyrus to leave her, tears fell from her eyes even at the thought of being found by the people, scared at what they would do.

Zephyrus refused, picking her up despite his own wounds and running with her. Running until he couldn’t hold his balance Zephyrus tripped, and clutching Amynta close they fell. They were exhausted, and as the hopeless feeling washed over them they both wished for the same thing as they waited to die.

They prayed to be reborn together in their next life.

They prayed to be free.

A rustle of leaves made Amynta look up frightfully until she saw what looked like a gateway of trees, different from the ones around them and pointed to out to her brother, hoping he would just humour her. Was she hallucinating? Apparently not, because Zephyrus seeing it as well, picked her up and ran. Wherever it was going to take them, it wasn't here.

They made it through the Travellers forest and collapsed to the ground, Zephyrus catching his breath while Amynta was still clutching the arrow in her side. While she didn't feel herself slipping away now, she still felt weak from the wound and didn't notice that a man in strange clothing had knelt down and offered his hands out to them. The man, Theo, had them looked after and their wounds patched up before going with them to the ministers office. Once everything official had been taken care of, the twins were warned about what was to come when night fell, and for a moment they feared the worst until the actual transformation. The Twins were thrilled, albeit bewildered at how different they looked from one another.

They chose to live in the Heilig district, living next door to each other as neighbours though when they first arrived they lived in Ambrotos. (They plan to live in each district at least once). Amynta and Zephyrus both decided to put their skills learnt running a kingdom to use, and help with the overseeing of resources and food in the city. No longer carrying their royal titles they were happy being just themselves. 

A new life; A new world.

They were free.

Additional Info:


  • Books and reading

  • Animals

  • Nature

  • Learning new things

  • Being near or in water

  • Music and dancing


  • Being rushed

  • Taken by surprise unpleasantly

  • Rudeness

  • Overly sweet tastes

  • Being lied to

  • When people take advantage of others


- Gets motion sick on carriages or anything that isn't alive. She can ride horses and other animals, and she can handle being on a boat for short periods of time but don’t expect her to enjoy being sailed through the Uferlos river for an hour.

- However, Amynta is an avid swimmer and can hold her breath underwater for nearly 3 minutes. (This is her spending no exertion however.

- Doesn't have a big sweet tooth like her brother, but loves trying to bake and cook. (She mostly likes tasting new food)

- Curious about things around her and what she reads in books, having a healthy thirst and respect for knowledge. She can almost always be found in a pile of books in the library, and if that one doesn’t have the book she is looking for she’ll gladly trek to the next district in search of it. Fascinated by the new and different cultures of Sybal Heim, Amynta makes it a habit to try and learn about the music and traditions of other cultures as to avoid offending anyone.

- While she knows how to keep herself composed she gets fidgety and nervous, especially when faced with stronger and more abrasive personalities than her own more timid nature. This can be seen with her rubbing her fingers together or against fabric.

- She still gets night terrors about the day they ran from the castle and still thinks about the maids and townspeople who had fought and died for their sake. Half the time Zephyrus will stay with her to comfort her but she’s tried (and failed) to lie to him about them stopping. She feels guilty for their deaths and is afraid to forget about their sacrifice. She goes when she has time to any available churches to confess this, whenever she is plagued with the nightmares or any other guilty feelings.

- Dead things deeply bother her and she either has to look away or leave the scene all together. Amynta dislikes violence.

- Is afraid of babies. (Whether she’s scared to have them, or doesn’t trust herself with them it’s hard to say.)

- Has very good memory, able to retain information she hears or reads easily. She’s also good with faces and names as well.

- Gets rather shy around some men and very confident women.

- While she keeps the old habits of her upbringing, Amynta is very proud of herself for learning to be independent and learning to be more assertive. However it took her nearly 20 years to be able to figure out domestic duties such as cooking and cleaning. (Her brother mastered it well before she did)

- She and her brother don’t disclose lightly that they were royalty or much about their life before Sybal Heim. When the situation calls they will revert back into their more proper mannerisms but the rest of the time they let themselves, be themselves.

- Although it wasn’t customary, Amynta has learnt how to fight and defend with a sword, as well as a bow. She doesn't have the same power or speed that her brother has but she makes up for it well with strategy, and accuracy.

- Having played the harp and lyre when she was in her old time, Amynta has made it a habit to continue practising as well as pick up any new instruments, but she’s very shy about playing them for others.

  • Watching: Shogeki no Soma
  • Playing: FarCry4
  • Eating: Chips
  • Drinking: Water

Just been really busy 8'D Started a new job and everything so, settling into that. Being an adult. 

finally cleaned off my desk long enough to crank out more character sheets (but I'm gonna try cranking out art too now. Even though I should be sewing my cosplays.) 


:icondeathsapprentices: CHECK THIS GROUP OUT. They're opening again soon, and it's got a cool concept to it (Plus the art is super nice *-*)
Death's Apprentices: Lee by kiako
Death's Apprentices: Lee


ID #/ Card: 

Name: Hotaru Lee

HP: 17

THREADCUTTER username: Firefly_Stitches

Gender: Male

Height: 5’6” / 167.6 cm

Level of spiritual awareness: Lvl 6 (He's been able to see threads and apprentices since he was a child, and because of his step brother he didn't try to suppress the ability to, letting the power grow over the years.)

Title: Wants to be part of weapon collection. (He'd be part of entertainment too but he'd rather put on private shows for people.)


+ Hard working
+ Protective
+ Understanding
+ Humorous
+ Kind hearted

- Snarky
- Passive aggressive
- Blunt
- Emotional 
- Rash

Upon first meeting Lee he's rather serious and a man of few words, however it doesn't take long for him to be ready to sling jokes or comments around. Reliable and understanding, he’ll help anyone out if he can and has a strong sense of justice. Sometimes he can be a bit blunt and sarcastic, just as fast with his snarky remarks as he is with his jokes and when he's upset or emotional he definitely shows it. In the end, if you're in need of a comrade, or even a friend, Lee's your man.

Weapon of Death:
Katana, black smith when he was alive and it was his passion. The katana is marbled with black and red damascus patterns. (It was his favourite material to use when he made swords) Because Lee is still coming to terms with being dead, and is conflicted with whether what he's doing is the right thing or not his weapon is subject to changes such as a dulled edge, or sudden changes in weight. (He'll be in mid swing and it'll either become extremely heavy or unbalanced.)

Cell phone: Samsung Galaxy S5 Active


Age: 26 1989-2015

Cause of death: Stabbed through the chest.

Location: New York, New York City.


Born the youngest out of two brothers, Lee was born in Kyoto, Japan where he lived with his mother. His father elsewhere with whom he heard was his older step brother. His mother's health was deteriorating, and Lee turned 7 they had been moved from their home all the way to Tokyo, to where his father and step brother were living. Safe to say, the first meeting of the two brothers was rather awkward since the first thing his step brother did was ask him for a fist fight. (Lee lost.)

Hearing his mom making noises in the night, Lee got up from bed to check on her only to see a woman hovering over his mom. He can vaguely remember this woman, but the red straight razor stuck in his memories. She did a double take to him, and when he started to call for his dad the woman cut something glowing red and fled as Lee tried to chase her. Just as his father came into the room he found Lee holding his smiling mother's hand, having passed away in her sleep.

Lee didn't talk to anyone after that, wouldn't open up to his father or to the grief counselors he was sent to because they disregarded him seeing the woman was him dealing with shock. His step brother, Nick however believed him (after an old fashioned fist fight of, “leave me alone who the hell do you think you are”) and Lee began to confide in his step brother. Eventually he overall improved enough where he could interact with other people. That also included being able to see things not all could see. He saw shimmering lights, shadows and people that would vanish without a trace like that woman.

At first he didn't know how to react, seeing as when he acknowledged them he would get strange looks from his father and Nick had warned him to keep things like that to himself, especially from their father. As he got older, Lee simply learnt to weave around them. They didn't get in his way, he didn't get in theirs, but it didn't make them go away as his awareness grew stronger the older he got and whenever he spotted a red thread that just suddenly was whisked away from his sight, he’d know someone had been taken.

Seeing as he was free to pursue what he wanted (Nick had reasoned to their father that he didn't need two sons in the police force) Lee took up forgery from a trade school with Nick's encouragement early in his life. He loved the sound of metal, the heat and being able to mold something so strong into anything he imagined be it jewellery, art, weapons for collectors or props for exhibits. A lot of it was for himself of course, though his father could never complain about having freshly sharpened custom kitchen knives, nor did any other of his clients who marvelled at the high quality of his smithing.

Once old enough he and Nicky moved to the states so he could work in his own smithing shop. Whenever he had a chance to take a break he’d sit outside and watch everyone walk past, still seeing the threads intertwining with one another. Eventually, he had tried talking to the ghosts he saw, some ignoring him but when one DID reply he quickly looked away, but made sure to make the effort to speak to them the next time he did see them.

Time flew past and eventually Nicky had a son, who in turn was Lee's nephew. The two of them spent a lot of time together, Lee offering to babysit while Nicky was at work. One night they had gone out to watch a late movie and were walking home together. There were few threads around, and Lee had by now become well trained in avoiding them. Seeing one following along his path turn red made him eye it briefly. It winded around and around before suddenly- he saw it had turned white again. This made him frown before he saw another one turn red, and another-- And another! He stared in confusion and concern at the threads changing. Why? Were they being.... Saved?

“You can see them, can’t you?” a man's voice asked and Lee turned to him. Feeling a bad vibe from the man Lee denied what the man was saying meant anything to him and he went to hurry and take his nephew back home. Suddenly he felt his body freeze and was tugged back, clutching onto his chest with a gasp. Looking down and behind him he saw the man had grabbed onto the thread that was connected with him, pulling it back towards himself. The man wanted Lee to forge weapons for him and his "cause", and when Lee refused he was answered with a, “Have it your way.” And was tugged hard by his thread. It made Lee slide back and his body jerked to the ground, where the man above him pulled out a knife. It would look like a simple mugging gone bad, that's all it would be.

However, Lee fought back, trying to kick the man off of him and make him let go of his thread. He had to fight back, he had to protect Tadashi!

“Tadashi Run! TADASHI--” he saw the look on the boys face and felt his heart seize as he watched his thread turn red and the blade flash in front of his eyes, “NO-!!”

Sitting up fast he clutched his chest, breathing hard with the image of his frightened nephew burned into his eyes. His ears were pounding, his chest felt like it was going to cave in on itself and he was choking out unintelligible words. When gentle hands reached out to him he looked up at the white hair woman frantically.

He knew who she was; He knew he was dead.

“Send me back!” he begged, “PLEASE I’ll do anything SEND ME BACK!” His nephew, his brother what would his brother think. Death could only smile sadly as Lee desperately threw himself bowing to the ground, “Please I can’t let him hurt him, I’m BEGGING You I’ll do anything you ask! Please PLEASE!” Death could only kneel down with him and put a gentle hand on his back as Lee sobbed into the chrysanthemum.

When he had the chance to go down to the living world, he found out that Tadashi was safe and that his death was being investigated. He saw Nicky looking at the file- his file- and saw his hands clench when he stared at the pictures. When Lee went to see Tadashi, he figured maybe they had some spiritual awareness like he had? He couldn't be the only one in the family. However when Tadashi saw him he had the same frightened look on his face the day he died, "Dad...!!" Was the cry he made and Lee had to dodge a fist as an enraged Nicky tried to take him out. Running away and looking back he saw that Nicky was staring at him for a moment, before he turned away with Tadashi. Nicky and Tadashi knew for sure Lee was gone and it sank in slowly for Lee himself.

He was dead, and he had to be one of Death's Apprentices.


- the name of his shop was Mythril Artes.

- sings and plays guitar.

- is a pretty decent cook.

- Honestly likes making jewellery more than he likes making swords.

- Can recognize most types of swords, and if they're antiques he can usually land what era they're from.

- has studied and trained how to fight bare handed and with swords, but hasn't been in many fights.

- Speaks English, Japanese and German fluently.

- All weapons he crafts are sealed shut by tightly wound tissue paper to avoid them being used in store. The ones unsheathed for display aren't sharpened. Water or liquid in general will easily melt the paper. Each thing he crafts has a logo of a Firefly stamped on it somewhere.

- He wears dinosaur shirts. Almost all of them are of t-rex and stegosaurus but his favourite shirt is his ankylosaurus Prehistoric Disco Party shirt.  

- Hasn't really come to terms with his death and keeps wanting test how far he can push it till he can believe for sure he's dead. (ie. Tests his new resilience, not bathing for long periods of time Does hygiene even matter when you're dead?

-Jurassic World was the last movie he saw before he died.


- hot weather

- ice cream (green tea and coconut)

- flip flops

- video games

- eating meat (Korean BBQ please)

- scary movies

- Dinosaurs

- wearing shoes without socks (He LOVES SLIP ON SHOES You don't even know)

- Moe culture (Akihabara was his kingdom)


- Getting picked up (seriously don't do it)

- Ridiculously cold weather

- Socks (its not that he dislikes them, he just doesn't like wearing them for a long time.)

- Injustice

- Guns

- Not keen on violence

Contact: Chatroom, Skype and GoogleDocs 8'D

Team/Partners: N/A



STR: 3
Despite Lee's smaller size he's quite strong, used to lifting up pounds of metal, cutting, grinding and hammering.

DEX: 3
While Lee can make a battle axe with ease, he's actually more fond of detailed work like jewellery and ornaments. Carving wax for guards and shealths was something he did frequently, each seal he put on his work hand carved. On top of that Lee's hand eye coordination and reflexes are top notch.

CON: 2

Lee's pretty tough from years of brotherly ambushes and working in the shop but while he can take a hit or two he isn't a tank by any means. He'd rather dodge then get punched in the face (and cry about it)

INT: 2

He catches on fast, can retain information and only is knowledgeable in things that catch his interest. He can do basic math and maybe can recall some history, but anything beyond that he isn't that book smart. You wanna know about dinosaurs and swords? He's a walking encyclopaedia.

WIS: 2

Has a good eye for detail and is a good judge of character. He's rather understanding of things and can usually dish out some contemplative thoughts but those aren't too common. When he sets his mind to it he's pretty determined but it's hard for  that to last for long periods of time.

CHA: 1

Has his own bit of rugged charm, though Lee was never really one to take care of appearances and he's lucky enough that he doesn't grow that much facial hair in the first place lest he forget to shave at all. He can be charming and chatty, but most if not all of the time he's stumbling over what to say and sometimes feels that keeping quiet would save him and whoever around him alot of embarrassment. Sometimes he can come off insensitive, and abrasive, but he doesn't mean to.

  • Watching: Shogeki no Soma
  • Playing: Bastion
  • Eating: Cheese
  • Drinking: Tea
Hey guys! So I know I haven't put up a journal in a while, but this is really important okay? 

Commission InformationI would like to note, as a disclaimer, that commissions may be delayed still as I work out my life.  I will be taking my time to sort things out, and nothing is set in stone currently.

-sketch- // -lines- // -Flats- //
Sketch $5 // Lines $10 // Flats $15 // Shaded $20
I rarely do these- Be warned :)
// // // //
Sketch $5 // Lines $10 // Flat shading $15 // Soft $20 // Simple Animation $30
**Disclaimer** Animated Minis will be in GIF format which only supports a limited palette. Too many colors will result in awkward dithering. Animations will be small, such as blinking, small moving bits, ect.

one of my friend is in a really rough spot, there's more deets about it on her journals but this person I've been worried about for some time. (Like she literally fell off the face of the earth for a bit) and what I was worried for seems to have happened. 

She's really talented and puts a lot of care into the art she makes, so if you're patient and you want to commission her, great! If not, please signal boost! 

Thanks you guys oAo~~ 


In other news, I've started a new job! 8'D And new groups. *Holds her babies. So many... babies..*


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