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Eromania: Fredrick Fan by kiako
Eromania: Fredrick Fan


Full Name: Fredrick Soren Fan

*Nickname: Freddy, Fred, Ricky-- Rice.

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Race: Erote - Rekindled Love

House: Eros

→ Dorm number: Gamma 3

*Birthday: August 31

Orientation: Heterosexual (A little bi-curious??)

Combat aid: Pool cue and billiard balls- The balls and cue can generate an energy platform for the balls to rest on so he can shoot them off at high speeds and precision. Can do far and short range.

Personality: Is jovial, peaceful and charismatic, he's the type of guy that people can go talk to about anything. Resourceful and generous he'll go out of his way to help someone in need of a hand. (Or a reaching buddy) Is comfortable in any setting and can be rather eccentric. (This comes from his last job as a Drama teacher) Likes to tease and playfully push peoples buttons, but when push comes to shove he'll be there for you in a heart beat. His ridiculous height makes him feel old, which in turn makes him act like a childish idiot sometimes. (He's glad he has such long legs-- For running away)

Biography: Fred was the typical delinquent-- he shaved and dyed his hair into crazy styles, he dressed in whatever he wanted and he always got what he wanted. He and his parents DID have a good relationship, but there were bumps here and there in the moments Fred would try and "Stick it to the man".

in his school years he had a sweetheart, one whom despite having bumps here and there, meant the world to him. Highschool was when his girl had drifted away from him into the arms of another and being extremely possessive Fred tried to beat the other boy into submission going as far as to attempt to burn him with a cigarette butt until she stopped him and argued with him it was over for good this time, protecting the boy.

Fred skipped the rest of the day to spend it in his favorite warehouse, taking out his feels on everything in there. When he finally returned home late at night, cops in front of his house told him they were sorry for his lose, and bombarded him with questions, some about his whereabouts and about the boy he beat up.

His parents had died in an accident trying to look for him, and at first he thought nothing of it until it suddenly all caught up with him while he was in a holding cell at the police station. He was alone, and he had nothing.

A bit of time passed until Fred was admitted into foster care, still being a minor after all. It was to a Chinese couple. To Fred they were just people to take care of him, a house to come back to when he wasn't sleeping in the warehouse, and free food. Whenever the annual anniversary of the day he lost everything came Fred would be incredibly moody, and get into fights with the foster parents. The wife was timid and would cry and hide while her husband dealt with Fred.

Convinced that this wasn't the life he wanted and the fosters hated him, Fred locked himself into the bathroom and tried to kill himself, sitting in the tub to bleed himself out.

When he came to he was in a hospital bed, an IV connecting his arm with the arm of his foster father, who was covered in blood with the most stern-- asian startled face Fred had ever seen. He had run Fred to the nearest hospital and was using his blood to keep Fred alive. He was so confused for the next few days in recovery with every day the foster parents would visit until they had to leave and repeat it all again the next day.

From then, Fred put all the effort he could into being the best he could be for his foster parents. He worked extremely hard to bring his grades up in the last years of school, and had pursued a career in theatre. His parents wanted him to be a doctor of some sort of course but in the end they supported him the entire way.

Becoming a fine man and a drama teacher for highschools, he realized how many students he had that struggled with inner demons like he had when he was young, and opened himself up to be their counselor of sorts (The ACTUAL school counselor wasn't too thrilled but Freds' popularity with the students made everything moot)

Coming home from work, his doorman had presented him with a package that had been addressed to him. Taking it up and reading the invitation to an academy whose name made him snicker like a naughty boy. Always one for more knowledge he drank the potion provided, and spent the next while struggling to keep the strange knobs growing from his back from being seen, and eventually he called in sick from the school, not wanting his suddenly foul mood to affect the students that confided with him.

His transformation made it so he was tucked in at home like a hobo, his mother coming by like always to make sure he was taken care of, thinking her giant 6’7” baby was down with a horrible demon sickness (Mistakenly, both of them had tried to see if scrapping the nubs that were becoming his wings would help.)

When his wings had grown out completely, a bit stubby from being picked and scraped at, Mother Venus appeared to him to take him away. At first he didn’t want to leave his students behind, but seeing at this would help him help THEM in turn, he finally agreed after telling the school he was going on a leave of absence and telling his parents that he would return (His mother was more understanding, his father thought he was being crazy again.).


- Coffee (he's got a horrible addiction to it actually)

- Sweets (I swear he should have diabetes by now)

- Cute things

- Theatre and Musicals (You’ll hear him sing his favorite songs occasionally)

- Mischief (He solemnly swears he is up to no good-- and he'll outrun anyone who tried to catch him.)

- City life (He can wander around a bustling city for Hooooours and just watch the world go by)


- Burnt anything-- He hates burnt food and smelling it.

- disrespectful hooligans

- bumping his head on low doorways and ceilings.

- He has the irrational fear of black holes.

- Big fires scare him 8C Anything bigger than a camp fire and he won't go near it unless someone's in danger.

Strengths: Being tall. Besides that, Fredrick is good at keeping good conversations and reading the body language of other people. He's a patient man and he's a pretty good chef even if he no longer eats meat that isn't fish.

Weaknesses: Poor man can't hold his liquor... His tallness ALSO Is his weakness cause gdi he can't go anywhere without being noticed or hitting something. He also has a problem with the rare violence streak-- He had it when he was a kid being in fights all the time and since becoming an adult has tried to break that habit-- but old habits die hard and sometimes he really thirsts for battle. He is also slightly blind in his left eye so the periferal in that eye can barely see movement.

Physical description: 6'7 of lean muscle, he doesn't look like the type that would be fit considering how much sweets he eats and drinks (In fact he should have diabetes by now...) But he tries hard to stay in shape and he is deceptively strong. He however doesn't have a 6 pack in fact he has a 2 and a half pack strangely enough. He dyes his light blonde hair the color it is for his parents and has kept it that way ever since.

Voice: think Dodger from Oliver and company, tone down the New York in his accent a little-- until he's had coffee.


- The Orange Aviators were a gift from his ex and he wears them all the time.

- He LOOOOVES Wearing suspenders and aviators. He color coordinates them and wears a different pair nearly every day. (his favorite pair of aviators are orange tinted but trust me he's got tones of colors.)

- Abuses his height. (His parents are both under 5'3")

- His wings are stubby at the ends and WOULD Have grown longer, had he and his mom not tried to shave them down at they developed. 8I

- Used to have a New York accent, but his years in drama have enabled him to speak in nearly any accent he wants.

- Is a pescatarian.

- Has burn scars on his back that very few people have actually seen.

- Natural hair color is actually a very light blonde.

- If you wanna impress him, remember his coffee order. It literally takes a minute to order.

- Smokes occasionally. (Bad Fred)

[DA] Ruby Nightingale by kiako
[DA] Ruby Nightingale

ID #/ Card: 528591241

Name: Ruby Nightingale

HP: 16

THREADCUTTER username: Mama_Magpie

Gender: Female

Height: 5’4"/162.56 cm

Level of spiritual awareness: Lvl 5

Title: n/a


  • Joyful

  • Appreciative

  • Hospitable

  • Meticulous

  • Vindictive

  • Cowardly

  • Moody

  • Vain

Weapon of Death: A straight razor. The blade turned into pure ruby when she woke up at Death HQ, and has a sharp edge for the most precise of cuts. It’s near identical to the one that she used to shave the twins.

Cell phone: Sony xperia z3 compact with a rotary phone app for dialing.


Cause of death: throat slit and bled out.

Place of Death: Mississippi, USA

1934 - 1966

Jugular slit with a straight razor, victim found in the bedroom bled out held by her husband.


Born in Alabama, Ruby was an only child born in the middle of the Great Depression. While her family didn't have much her father would go out to find what little work he could, while her mother stayed home to care for her. During that time living was very simple until the world war began, and in that time both her parents went to work while she stayed in a daycare with other children.

As the second world war came to an end Ruby's family, with the help of friends, whom had made it through the depression and the war through their wealthy businesses, they were able to live comfortably as everything recovered.

These family friends had twin sons, and while Ruby had no real romantic feelings towards them they were close enough friends, seeing that they were her only friends. However as she began to get used to the more lavish standard of living she changed herself to fit in with the high rolling socialites, attending parties, hosting parties and overall making sure that anybody who was anybody knew her. She left the hard memories of her humbled past a secret and a new Ruby was in town.

She became popular quickly, her hospitable and fun loving nature making her popular amongst her peers, mainly the men she lead around like lost puppies as she relished in the jealousy of other women.

Having grown up into a lovely lady, Ruby became used to having a man on each arm-- identical men to be precise, the twins having grown up, along with Ruby's love and adoration for them. One of the twins, the eldest one eventually asked Ruby for permission to officially court her, and soon to marry him.

Time flew past after the wedding and everything at this moment was almost perfect with Ruby's life. Almost. As soon as she was married her parents and in-laws expected children right away, and while Ruby wanted them as well, no matter how hard she and her husband tried she couldn't conceive. This depressed her, thinking it was her fault. The pressure wasn't just on her though, her husbands twin also being nagged to get married to have kids and they confided in each other daily, seeing as her husband had taken over their fathers company.

It became routine for the twin to visit when his brother was at work, in order to keep Ruby company and he was always welcome to stay for dinner, or overnight if needed. To avoid the gossip about Ruby's husband wanting to leave her for not being able to bear children, the twin would stand in his place. Ruby was one of the few that could tell them apart. One night her husband called to say he was coming home late, so of course she called the twin over to keep her company. Seeing his scruffy face though she ushered him upstairs to shave him, something she had been helping the twins with for years. With the straight razor she sharpened it and slowly helped him shave, finishing off by giving him a kiss on the cheek, something she did out of reflex with her husband. When he pulled her in and kissed her she dropped the razor in surprise but didn't stop him, letting them spend a night in each other’s comforts.

They didn't spend much time together after that, her husband being able to take a bit of time off to be with her. However when Ruby called the twin over one night, she confessed that she was late--pregnant to be more exact. Deciding to keep it from her husband, she thought she could just convince him that it was her husbands, but the twin refused to lie to his brother about it and made her agree that they’d tell him together.

After confessing to her husband what happened he seemed at first angry, but strangely enough, cooled down and in the evening after dinner, asked her to help him shave. She did it with care and of course, kissed his cheek when she had finished. As she went to clean everything up he stopped her and said he would do it, and for her to meet him in the bedroom and get ready for bed.

Sitting at her vanity, removing her jewelry she saw her husband come up behind her and affectionately nuzzle her from behind. Surprised but smiling, her hand reaching up and stroked his cheek as they kissed and she felt maybe things were going to be okay. Feeling the slightest pressure on her neck she opened her eyes to see in the mirror her husband was holding the straight razor against her throat and with a quick flick she saw her blood pour down and soak her dress. Ruby felt blood fill her mouth and she choked, feeling everything fall around her. She saw her husband licking her blood from his lips and letting the straight razor fall to the carpet, he went to hold her close as she died.

Waking up in the field of chrysanthemum, Ruby woke up to only feel the coldness around her neck where she had been cut. Any memories of anything painful she had gone through were suddenly gone, and what remained were memories of parties, bright lights and happiness with the twins, which left her with the bitter wonder of WHERE Was she and WHY Was she here, why was she dead? She wondered if she was in heaven until Death approached her with her mission of becoming an apprentice. She didn't want to do it, but when given no choice she reluctantly accepted.

When she went down to the living world, she searched for the twins first and found the youngest of the twins first. He had looked older, with bits of gray in his hair and a grave face as he worked away at the family business without her husband in sight. Every reap order she had she carried out, just for a chance to go down to the living world to see him, watching him grow older and older until the day came-- his day.  

She watched as he swallowed a bunch of pills, washing it down with a drink before he laid himself in bed in her old house. Staring at an old photo he tucked it into his shirt over his heart and and closed his eyes. Ruby saw his thread unravel and become red, and as she reached out to stroke his grey hair and then cut the thread. As he ascended into the Higher Plane he turned to see Ruby watching him and looked surprised, smiling so happy to see her one last time.

“Save me a seat love, I’m right behind you.”


  • She has no memories of how she died, and of anything unhappy that happened in her life, however sometimes small gestures she does or events will trigger flashes of them to come back.

  • While she loves cooking alot of the food she makes can either be lavishly delicious or questionably disgusting. (Look up Vintage food. Yup.)

  • Bounces between being cheerful and carefree to fits of melancholy.

  • She can run in high heels, and drive in them too.

  • She's still working out how to work a dial touch phone.

  • She's good at shaving beards with a straight razor.

  • Will fuss over other people, be it straightening up their clothes or their hair or what have you.


  • Cooking

  • Compliments/attention

  • Make up and fashion

  • Flirting

  • Cleanliness


  • Her hair getting messed up

  • Unclean anything

  • Clutter

  • Fiddling with technology

  • Looking dumb/bad

Contact: Skype, Google docs and chatroom! Notes too~

Team/Roommates: none yet



STR: 2

DEX: 2

CON: 1

INT: 2

WIS: 3

CHA: 4

A-GENT Fenris Findlay by kiako
A-GENT Fenris Findlay

Name :  Fenris Findlay

Date of Birth: August 11, 1993


Age: 25

H: 5’4”

W: 112 lbs

Location of Class Symbol: Sternum


Strength: 1

Stamina: 1

Speed: 0

Dexterity: 5

Intelligence: 2

Ability: 3

Defense: 1

Balance: 1


▹ Name Ability: Ferro-Flux

▹ How does it work?: Able to send electrical pulses through her body to create/manipulate magnetic fields. She can infuse positive and negative charges into objects to make them magnetic and hold a charge, and to either repel or attract by touching or brushing against them. (can only do things by touch, but with further evolution and advancements could do it hands free.)

▹ Pros:

+ When things can’t be held together with clamps or tweezers or what have you, she can magnetize objects to each other to make them stick together long enough to either sauter them or hold them in place for something else to be placed on top of it.

+ She can also attract objects to herself that she’s touched or brushed against before. (She’s like a cat, she’ll just rub up against anything and everything she “Claims” and then magnetize it to herself later for use. So if you see her rubbing wrenches and tools to her body and face-- Pay no mind.)

+ Has a range of 15 feet to control what she’s magnetized but if she and the objects are sitting in something conductive like water her range widens to how much water is spread out.

+ She can also stick herself to metal walls, floors and ceilings, though that truly depends how much metal is present there. If there isn’t enough she’ll just end up sliding/falling off after a few seconds.

+ Whatever she puts a charge into can hold it up to a certain time depending how big it is. Small objects (anything handheld) up to 8 lbs can hold a charge for about a week. Bigger objects (ie. Something up to the size of a big tire or a mini fridge) up to 75 lbs can hold it up for an hour. Anything up to 100 lbs can hold a charge for 10 minutes.

▹ Cons and Weaknesses:

- She can't magnetize things that normal magnets can’t affect, for instance she can’t magnetize plastic, wood, cardboard etc. She CAN magnetize non-ferros metals but they hold a weaker charge compared to a conductive metal.

- Practically being a human magnet, she’s sensitive to other magnetic fields that are more powerful than hers. They can mess with her natural compass and her ability to magnetize specific objects to herself or away from herself.

- Extreme heat or just-- heat in general. In the midst of a heat wave in the middle of July for instance her magnetic fields are weaker if her body overheats.

- She can demagnetize herself by expelling too much of her magnetic field. Once her magnetic field hits zero she gets lethargic and sick, and her immune system also plummets. She CAN be remagnetized after she's had time to rest and is hooked up to something that will give her a charge. Or Stroke strong magnets over her until she feels better.

- Another way to demagnetize her is for her to be struck by lightning or a high voltage of electricity. This makes her expel her magnetism all at once, creating an electromagnetic field that essentially, is an EMP.

Skills and Specializations:

- Good problems solving skills and is rather savvy with puzzles.

- she has extremely steady hands and dexterious fingers

- Can visualize how parts and objects would fit together in her head and how each could be useful. (She’s good with Legos)

- Can salvage and make use of even the most useless junk.

*- Has minor first aid training

(Preferred) Class:



Confident - Despite the comments she gets about her boyish looks and her scars, she has no will or desire to change herself, nor does she doubt herself about her abilities and knowledge of work.

Playful - She likes to play around with her friends and those she considers so, teasing them shamelessly and always making time for them. She can be a bit flirty but she’s not very good at it, and ends up embarrassing herself from some of the things she says. (She gets bashful when it comes to compliments)

Dedicated - If you need her she’ll be there. She’s solid when it comes to things and will give it her 100% for anything she does. That includes work and recreational things. She’s incredibly hard working and pushes herself to be the best she can.

Blunt - She tells it like she sees it, Fen isn’t really the type to beat around the bush. If you ask her for her honest opinion she’ll give it to you, whether you’re okay with her answer or not. The only time she’s really careful with her words is when she knows they’ll hurt someone she cares about, and even then it’s just better worded instead of the unfiltered mess that usually comes out of her mouth.

Honest - She will almost always tell the truth, seeing as she dislikes lying. (She’s also very bad at it) and will always do the right thing.

Feisty - You’re rude to her? She’ll be rude back and she won’t hold back. She’s got a bit of a short fuse and does not take to force.

Protective - If you’re close with her she’ll always have your back, no matter what she has to do.

Easy going - While she has no problems with a tussle, she’d rather keep things unconfrontational and casual (Hence why she gives everyone she meets nicknames) and can let things go relatively easily. She has a healthy respect for the chain of command though so if she is regarding the top 10 she’ll stay as professional as she can.


- Tinkering

- Singing (She’s horrible so she’ll just kinda mutter to herself. She can bust out some mad rhymes though.)

- Building models (her favorites are trains and space ships.)

- Puzzle boxes and cubes (Has a variety of metal puzzle games, and a puzzle ring)

- Legos (Everything is Awesome)

*- Children

*- Junk food

*- Grapes

* - Mystery shows/movies


- Thunderstorms (Just a whole lotta nope)

- Foods that are too sweet.

- Hot climates

- Electronics freaking out around her

- snakes (they freak her out)

*- Spiders (Fuck Spiders)

*- Being startled or creeped out in the dark


Growing up in a family of 5, Fen was the eldest of three siblings, a younger brother and an even younger sister. Her Father was a cop in the Boston Police Force and her mother was a loving housewife, who cared for their three children. Since Fen was young she had always been the type to run off on her own if something suited her fancy, and spent more time in a junk yard owned by a grouchy old man than at home. She would find old, junky appliances and tinker on them to try and get them to work, salvaging pieces to make something new. In time, she had gotten quite good at this. Things just seemed to fit together, snapping into place as she handled them like a puzzle and eventually she went from fixing toasters to custom building a car from salvaged parts. (It didn’t run very well but she was okay with that.)

It wasn’t until her sister had to be admitted into the hospital after an incident that left her paraplegic, did she spend more time at home to care for her. Her little sister had needed treatment so Fen’s mother went to get a job in waitressing to try and make ends meet. Fen at this time was 15 and worked with the old man at the junkyard, juggling school and her siblings.

The older she got, and the more she spent working at the junkyard, Fen's ability became stronger from years of unknowing use. She eventually noticed it, when she walked past pots and pans in the store and some of them would rattle and shift ever so slightly towards her, or when she used a card with a magna strip it would no longer work (there was also a very unfortunate wiping of a certain Disney dvd as well.). Her brother was more amused by it than her sister was, especially when it got to the point when small metal objects in the house would magnetize to her body, the occasional pile of paperclips, a spoon, even the metal trash can would clunk after her as she tried to run back inside the house.

One day while she was working, the old man whom she worked for called her in to help with some scrap that had just been delivered. When they had put it away nice and neat, Fen began to walk away before hearing the creak of metal, and suddenly a chunk of an old grill Fen herself had heaved into the pile flew at them.

Panicking she tried to pull the old man out of the way behind her, but because of her magnetic field, when she touched the old man it seemed like she had sent a shock through him and he collapsed, holding his chest. Her field had effected the pacemaker in his heart and as she watched the ambulance take the old man away, she sat on top of an old car looking over her playground, her little kingdom. Fen was lost in thought until she felt rain begin to pitter patter over her. Getting up to run inside to escape the oncoming thunderstorm she was halted when her jacket snagged on a thrown away wire fence. Fen vaguely remembered seeing a brilliant flash of light and searing hot pain as a resounding boom followed- she had been struck by lightning, and the result was her body reacting as a human EMP.

When she gained consciousness she could barely move and found she was in a hospital bed. A person in a labcoat who she could only assume was her doctor came in to check on her. Fen found she was in a hospital in a different part of town because the area she was found in had completely gone dark for two city blocks. When asked if she remembered anything, Fen immediately jerked up to ask about her boss, and feeling pain she had to lay back down and looked at her hand. From her right hand up to her neck she had angry, branch like, spidery wounds and recalled to the doctor that she had been struck by lightning and even blurted out an amazed, “I can’t believe my eyeballs didn’t melt out of my face.”.

At first during her recovery, Fen tried to actively see if she could make the metal objects in her hospital room move towards her. Initially she couldn’t put a charge into anything since she didn’t have any left inside of her to begin with. However, she was hooked up to a machine that would give her small electric pulses to ensure her heart wouldn’t give out on her and discovered that the longer she was plugged in, the more her magnetic powers came back slowly, but surely. She mainly focused on putting a charge into small metal objects her brother brought her and making them either magnetize to her hand, or hover in her palm. One day though, she had gotten startled while she was hovering a metal tray in her hands and ended up flinging food across the room when her doctor walked in, causing him and a beautiful lady with long, dark brown hair to dodge sideways to avoid it. On impact with the wall the instruments in the room flickered momentarily and her doctor turned to the lady as he spoke quietly, the lady leaving shortly afterwards.

With the passing of the incident months later, Fen had graduated school (barely) and had applied for training and education as a railway technician/mechanic. Since her sister’s condition had stabilized well by now Fen could focus on her studies . She quit her job at the junk yard (The old man was a bit under the weather but alive at least). Fen kept her distance from her family for a while since then and wore more layers than necessary for the weather. She found keeping her body at a higher temperature than usual would help compress her magnetic abilities where it wouldn't be as noticeable. The blackout was still the talk of the town, words like "bombs" and "terrorists" being thrown about.

Fen didn't make contact with the Agency until she had finished school and was applying for an internship. Receiving a letter, it told her she would have needed to take an aptitude test before they could consider her for a position. When she arrived she was met with the same brown haired woman, the current Uno asked Fen if she was still wanting an internship in making the world a better place. Assuming she had read her career assessment since it was required of her to apply, Fen nodded at that until Uno brought up her medical files.

“Are you fit to work in such conditions after your incident?” When Fen replied yes, Uno gave her a small, metal box, “Show me. You have 7 hours.” And with that she left the room.

Fen had opened and solved it by 4. The box could only be opened if she used her abilities, like it was made for her specifically to be tested with. Curious and amused she found the box opened up into a tiny pad which asked for a fingerprint. Pressing her thumb into it and then quickly pulling away with an “OW” when she felt a prick Uno came back shortly. She explained to Fen what being an A-Gent was about, and how her abilities could be useful and where she could learn to have better control over them. She said she could have a bit of time to think about it but Fen agreed on the spot, but requested she see her family before she left.

After swearing to not tell her family where she was actually going, she went to see them one last time, and say her goodbyes.

“I’m going to make it a better place. I promise.”

Medical Information:

Blood: AB+

- High sodium levels in blood.

*Phobias: Astraphobia (Fear of lightning)

Surgeries: n/a


- Was struck by lightning and has Lichtenberg figures/scars that crawl up her right arm up to her neck and on her cheek.

- Gets her eyes checked regularly to make sure she isn’t forming cataracts too early from her lightning strike accident.

- Is also a little hard of hearing because of the accident.

Extra Tidbits:

- Has a bit of a Bostan accent, it isn't really strong but it's there when she says certain words.

- She eats like garbage, she has to really watch what she eats. (cause she loves junk food... And grape flavoured stuff)

- She will always try and make nicknames for people. Always.

Nickname List:…

*- Has a soft spot for children and animals.

  • Listening to: Journey OST
  • Watching: Marvel movies
  • Playing: Atelier: Escha and Logy Alchemists of the dusk sky
  • Eating: I wanna eat fiiisshh QAQ
  • Drinking: Water
So in the next-- 3 hours I'm heading to Mexico for vacation with my mom 8D 

So I'll be gone for a week. Then I'll come back for 2 days--

AND THEN I'LL HEAD DOWN TO CALGARY FOR CCEE. C8 And then no moer time off for the rest of the year, which is cool with me actually. 

Works' been pretty okay I guess, it's slowing down. I haven't been able to actually draw anything good except a nose or an eye. I need a full boooddddyyyy. 

But yeah, besides that not much has changed. ouo Hope you guys are all having an okay time-- GOOD LUCK ON YOUR EXAMS.


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